When quality data and experienced study design and statistical analysis meet to provide invaluable business information.

Statistical Consulting

Our statistical consultants are experienced at designing development programs in conjunction with global companies and are adept at addressing FDA, EMA, PMDA and TGA questions at the time of registration. As project and study biostatisticians we have worked on projects that have produced successful global approvals of drug products.

Experienced Statistical Consulting

Our specialities include but are not limited to:

  • Design and analysis of all stages of Clinical Trials and Patient Registries
  • Design and analysis of clinical trials in the following therapeutic areas
    - Virology
    - Immunology
    - Cardiovascular
    - Metabolism
    - Oncology
  • Design and analysis of Oncology Studies
  • Protocol review and sample size calculations
  • Monte-Carlo simulation of clinical trial properties
  • Design and Analysis of Agricultural Experiments from Agronomy to Zoology
  • Statistics for Health Economics including:
    - Meta-analysis,
    - Indirect comparisons,
    - Weighted average monthly treatment costs,
    - The variance of the incremental cost effectiveness ratio, and
    - Extrapolation of survival curves
  • Analysis of data from many fields of application

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Asking the right question is half the battle and understanding the answer is the other half. On both accounts, Philip McCloud and his team have consistently demonstrated the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to ensure success. Having worked with Philip for over 10 years, across a number of therapeutic areas, I can honestly say I know of no other statistical consultant with whom I'd rather work.

Dr Karl Burgin,
Maxia Strategies