MCG provides tailored statistics training that is exciting, engaging and strives to deepen your understanding

Training and Education

Training can be fully tailored and often includes:

  • The basic principles of experimental/clinical trial design including sample size calculations
  • The statistical concepts of hypothesis tests and confidence intervals
  • The analysis of categorical data including relative risk, odds ratio, and logistic regression
  • Survival Analysis: Kaplan Meier curve, hazard ratio, Cox proportional hazards model
  • Analysis of subgroups: what to do and what not to do
  • Equivalence and non-inferiority studies

Real Industry Experience

MCG's Founder, Director and Principal Statistician, Dr Philip McCloud is an experienced teacher having been a lecturer at Monash University for many years and conducted numerous workshops since leaving academia. Dr McCloud has presented workshops to clinicians, trainee haematologists and oncologists, clinical scientists, clinical research associates, medical managers, medical writers, sales representatives and given seminar presentations on survival analysis to both the Korean and Malaysian Oncology Societies.

This diversity of training exposure has honed an ability to convey complex concepts in an easily understood manner to people of varying backgrounds and expertise.

MCG Offers Flexible and Engaging Training Packages

Courses are more exciting and engaging when built around papers or slide decks that are current for a team or group of people. With this in mind, MCG courses can be tailored to suit your unique needs, and provide participants with knowledge which can be immediately applied to their work. Dr. McCloud has delivered workshops to small groups (<10) and large groups (>100), on site or offsite, for ½ to 3 days, and typically provides slides, questions and answers and printed notes for future reference.

Often the first session of a workshop consists of all the statistical questions the audience has, but was afraid to ask. After the workshop, short follow-up questions via email or phone are encouraged (gratis of course).

"The medical and scientific literature is replete with statistics. Given the emphasis on evidence based decision making in medical practice, it is imperative that readers understand statistical concepts and can correctly interpret the reported statistics. In the past, training non-statisticians in statistics has been a source of frustration for both the trainee and the trainer because of frequent emphasis on mathematics rather the statistical concepts. Over the last 15 years statisticians have realised that they need to teach the statistical concepts free of the mathematics to motivate and engage the trainee."
Philip McCloud - Director and Principal Statistician

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In numerous training sessions with marketing and sales teams, I have witnessed Dr McCloud demonstrate a talent to teach non-statisticians the basics of sophisticated subjects so that they not only understand what he's talking about, but are actually interested.

- Guenther Forster, MD